Saturday, March 19, 2016

Your feelings!

I'm sorry world. I'm sorry for thinking about myself at times. I'm sorry about thinking about my time, and my life. I'm sorry about the time I was not thinking about you. I'm sorry about washing my hands before asking you, if you wanted to go first.

We live in a world that has become filled with selfish individuals. When did it become all about you and not about what is right? Do you blame the parents, that always seems to be the first line to attack. Get those guns out, blind fold the parents and prepare to fire. Oh wait, maybe it is the friends. The group of social peer pressure friends. You know the ones who, if I jump off the roof, you need to follow me or else you are not cool.

Speaking of peer pressure, what is this so called myth? I heard all through my youth, this ancient art of seduction. This powerful mental strength, convince someone to do something by simply doing the act or simply talking about it. I must learn this mighty force, maybe I can pick up a book at Barnes and Nobles and use this "Peer Pressure" to convince the clerk to let me have it for free, you know because its all about me.

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