Sunday, March 27, 2016

The water is hot.

Our human emotions are amazingly similar to a pot of water. We continue to turn up the temperature whenever an aggressive moment arrives. We defuse moments and lower the temperature down a few degrees.

Some people are able to maintain the thermometer better than others. They may get extremely heated at one point, where the boiling water is ready to flow over the edge, and within moments can bring that temperature right back down.

Others keep a steady temperature on the outside, but are raging on the inside. These people turn to social media for attention. We are brave on social media, we know that most people we engage in conversation with online, we may never see physically. It is the confidence of having the upper hand. We can push people to that boiling point and never have any physical conflict in our direction.

Most people in current society are willing to attract attention through social media to vent any frustration they may have with employers, friends, family and pretty much anything else. The outcome this age of technology has brought forth is the lack of leadership, and the lack of face to face serious conversations.

Kids will break up over social media, or via a simple text message. We receive automatic emails saying we did not get the job. Your spouse will commit adultery and you will find out on Facebook. Even the simple thing such as the local media, will all be sought out by social media. We comment our thoughts on this situation, behind a touch screen phone or a computer. We are willing to address our needs in a safe environment and not willing to address it directly.

Bravery is key. It was lost with the invention of social media. Our forefathers spoke with great attorney, they fought for what they believed was correct. They spoke in mass gatherings, speaking what they believe was the truth. Let us gain that bravery back, let us keep the water from boiling over.

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