Thursday, March 24, 2016

Your Canvas

What will your final Canvas look like? You are the artist, you draw what inspires your everyday movements. If your chapter closed today, what would that final drawing entail? Would you be proud of the result?

As much as we in society complain about our life, most of us are content. We settle with what we created for many reasons. Some simply enjoy what they created, others are afraid of change. We are always in control of our outcome, we make our decisions, whether or not we believe any pressure was on the choices we made, ultimately we made the choice. We had that fork in the road and decided to take the path to our current Canvas.

Life is not always easy, but that is not a bad thing. Think about this, if life was easy, if you simply were born, knew how to speak, read, and take care of yourself, what would be the purpose? We grow up always learning, thriving for additional knowledge, it could be knowledge from a book, or from another human, but somehow we gain this knowledge. We want to know as much as possible, in the topics of interest.

Chances are, your hobbies are the topics you know the most about. This is what keeps you sane, when the rest of the world is spinning ever so fast. You keep calm and you turn to your hobbies to comfort you. This topic will settle your nerves and allow you to relax and enjoy life. At the same time, this topic would easily cause you distress and anger. Why? Because you want to be the best, you want perfection.

What are you confident in? What can you tell the world hours about, without blinking a lash? That is your hobby, that is your Canvas. Use that Canvas to direct you in the path of redemption.

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