Sunday, April 17, 2016

Everlasting Change

Every path you take in life has a fork in the road. Every fork you take has a consequence, a result of that path you took. The judgement you make on this path, ultimately, comes from you. You may ask for suggestions, ask for input and even demand a solution. But it is you completing the steps, at that fork. Even the input you receive from this question, is yet another fork you are at. You may agree with someone about the path, or go another direction, its your decision.

The question always looms over your head, was the decision you made the correct one. You continue to ask yourself, if you went the other way, how would your life be. If you expect to succeed in your current path, you must accept it. You must be willing to understand, you will ultimately make a mistake, but learn from that mistake, accept it, and ensure this mistake is not made again.

Change is tough, it feels like an impossible leap. Change makes you strong, it provides you with a new vision, it makes you new friends, and it may even provide you with happiness. Change could also be mentally tough. The idea always sticks with you, embrace the challenge.

Don't try to change your change. Change your view on accepting it.

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