Sunday, April 10, 2016

Invincible Dreams

Its time for your daily routine. You have been up for over 20 hours now, your eyes are closing rapidly, your struggling to keep them open. Finally, your ears go deaf, and your eye lids will not longer open, its time for you to drift away.

You awake at your passion. A smile from cheek to cheek is permanent on your face. You look up and see an endless vision of what your dream has developed into. Something that feels so real, it makes you feel so alive, suddenly you hear this beeping. Its growing louder with every step you take, and then you collapse. Your falling in the sky, looking down you see nothing but clouds. At last, your awake again, your dream is over and its time to start another day.

In your dream, what was it that made it so special? What are you doing to achieve that goal?

We all have a perfect world, none of each are currently living in that world. Some people believe its about money, others look at family that will fill that happiness. No matter how similar you may share a perfect world with someone, its never exactly the same. Its as unique as your fingerprint, every groove is yours, and yours alone.

How hard are you working to reach that goal, that vision of your perfect world? Chances are you have already given up deep down inside, the journey has become too hard, too unrealistic. Maybe, your just looking for an excuse to blame the lack of motivation on something or someone else. Its your dream, remember? Your vision of the perfect world. Don't blame the lack of living in that world on someone or something else. Embrace the challenge to reach that goal, make yourself a believe.

Maybe the next time you close your eyes at night, you will finally, really be in your vision of the perfect world.

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